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Facial implants can be used to add definition and improve the contours of the profile for more pleasing aesthetics. At the Dr. Kaete Archer in New York, NY, Dr. Archer uses natural-looking implant products to define the face, chin and jaws so patients feel more confident about their appearance.

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Facial Implants Q & A

  • What are facial implants?

    Facial implants are firm, natural-feeling products that are placed under the skin to help improve fullness and contours and provide greater definition in the chin, cheeks and jaws. They can be used to correct issues like a receding chin, to reduce jowling and laxity, to widen the jaw area, and to provide greater definition to the cheek area, especially when the upper portion of the face is very narrow or flat, or appears sunken as a result of volume loss. Facial implants may be used alone or in combination with surgeries like rhinoplasty or, blepharoplasty to achieve a more balanced and symmetrical facial appearance.

  • Where can facial implants be used?

    Facial implants are primarily used in the cheeks, chin and jaws. Lip implants are also available, but in most cases, injections are the preferred method of achieving a fuller, more attractive lip line.

  • What happens during the implant procedure?

    Facial implant procedures are performed under sedation or general anesthesia. Before the procedure, the treatment area will be evaluated to determine the best placement for the incisions in order to achieve optimal results. Most facial implants can be placed through incisions made in the mouth, usually along the crease where the jaw bone meets the gum line. In some cases, a cheek implant may be placed through an incision made in the eyelid or behind the hairline, and a chin implant may be placed through an incision made under the chin. Once the incision is made, a pocket will be created in the underlying tissue to help support and contain the implant in its proper location. Sutures or other fastening methods will also be used to secure the implant. After the implant is properly positioned, the incisions will be closed. Absorbable sutures may be used in some cases; in other cases, patients will need to have sutures removed in about two weeks.

  • How soon will I see the results?

    Results will be visible right away, but the final result will not become apparent until swelling completely resolves in a few weeks.

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