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If your breathing is affected by narrow or collapsed nasal valves, then nasal valve repair could open the nose and allow you to breathe better. Kaete Archer, MD FACS, President and Founder of the Dr. Kaete Archer in New York, is a double board- certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic facial surgery and ear, nose, and throat (ENT) conditions. For the answers to your breathing difficulties, call the office today or book an appointment online.

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Nasal Valve Surgery Q & A

  • What are nasal valves?

    Nasal valves are cartilage and soft tissue areas of the nose that play a significant role in breathing. When the valves are narrow or collapsed, a patient may experience difficulty breathing through the nose. The two most important valves are the external valve and the internal valve.

  • What causes narrowing of the nasal valves?

    Many factors can cause narrowing of the valves. Trauma to the nose can collapse the cartilage structures and narrow the nasal valves. Any condition that causes weakening or softening of the cartilage structures can also narrow the valves.

  • How do you treat narrow nasal valves?

    Nasal valve correction involves procedures to repair the cartilage structures of the nose. The nasal valve may need grafts or sutures. After repair, the valve will be supported and in better position. This will improve the ability to breathe freely through the nose. To determine if you have nasal valve problems, call or book online today!

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