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Browlifts, or forehead lifts, gently lift the sagging skin on the forehead to improve wrinkles and raise the brows. Dr. Archer, at the Dr. Kaete Archer, uses the most advanced techniques for browlifts in patients at her practice in New York, NY, providing each patient with individualized attention to ensure the best possible results.

What is a Brow Lift?

Browlifts are cosmetic surgical procedures that are performed to remove sagging, loose skin, and deep creases or furrows in and around the forehead, and to help tone and tighten the skin in the upper third of the face. Because they focus on repositioning the tissue in the forehead, browlifts (or forehead lifts, as they’re sometimes called) can help elevate the eyebrow area and help to reduce the appearance of sagging upper lids without addressing the lids directly.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Browlifts can be performed in one of three ways. In a traditional or open brow lift, incisions are made from one ear to the other across the scalp and behind the hairline, with incisions continuing around the ears. The muscles in the forehead are released and repositioned and excess tissue is trimmed away before the skin is sutured closed.

An endoscopic browlift achieves essentially the same effect as an open browlift, but instead of using one long incision, it uses several smaller incisions placed behind the hairline to access the muscles and underlying tissues in the forehead, releasing the muscles and repositioning them, but without removing excess skin. Endoscopic browlifts use a tiny camera to “see” the muscles and other underlying tissues so the larger incision can be avoided.

And finally, a mini brow lift uses very small incisions located just around the ears and temples to address sagging and drooping the outer third portion of the brow, where many people first notice the signs of aging in the forehead. Mini browlifts can often be performed under local anesthesia with sedation.

What to Expect After the Brow Lift Surgery

After a brow lift, some bruising and swelling will occur, along with minimal discomfort which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medicine. During the initial stage of recovery, it is also important to keep the head elevated as much as possible including during sleep to help minimize swelling, which can take about a week or two to resolve. Heavy lifting and some other strenuous activities will also need to be avoided during this time.

Good Candidates for the Brow Lift Surgery

Good candidates for brow lift surgery are those who want to lift sagging skin in the forehead to rejuvenate their youthful look. If you are in good health, do not have any preliminary medical conditions that prevent the use of general anesthesia, and have realistic expectations of the results of your surgery, then a browlift might be right for you.

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