Kaete Archer MD Recommends These Petroleum-Free Nasal Ointments

Why might you need a nasal ointment after visiting an ENT? Many conditions are seen in the ENT office related to dryness of the nasal mucosa and nasal skin.  Frequent trauma such as scratching, rubbing, or picking of scabs/dryness can lead to chronic nasal sores. Dry nasal mucosa (pink lining inside the nose) can lead […]

How Your Diet Is Affecting Your Sinuses

A sinus problem is actually an inflammation or swelling problem. Inflammation leads to mucus build-up which causes sinus pain and pressure. Maybe you woke up this morning with a sinus headache. Or maybe, you feel mucus draining down your throat? Or does your head feel so full you can’t think? Feels like it might burst? […]

Common Questions About Nosebleeds

What causes a nosebleed?  Allergies, infections, dryness Trauma to the nose such as picking the nose Vigorous nose blowing that ruptures superficial blood vessels in the elderly and in the young Bleeding and clotting disorders that run in families or are due to medications (aspirin, Plavix, coumadin, ibuprofen, etc) Fractures of the nose or head […]

Diet Recommendations for Management of Acid Reflux 

Acid Reflux is a common gastrointestinal disorder that causes symptoms heartburn, acid regurgitation and chest pain. Lifestyle changes and altering diet can help to remedy your symptoms. Below are a list of diet recommendations and substitutions for those who suffer from Acid Reflux. Foods and Drinks to Avoid:  Fatty foods  Alcohol  Chocolate  Coffee, tea, caffeinated […]

Top 5 Things to Know about Snail Mucin

Snail on skin care product

Snail mucin is an animal derived growth factor and high molecular weight peptide. It is formed as a filtrate from the mucus that snails secrete when “stressed”. One of the most common snails used is the brown garden snail. It was made popular by Korean beauty trend “glass skin” which is a super dewy, glowy […]

Social Media and Self-Judgement

Woman on cell phone

Happy Sunday, happy pride month. I know we have been doing some clinical topics recently, but today I’d like to refocus on matters of personal reflection this week. Yesterday, as soon as I woke up, I was on my phone. Scroll, scroll. Our brains are hard wired to interpret information with relativity. Swipe. We instantly […]


ENT COVID-19 UPDATES How do you know the difference between allergies and COVID-19? It’s springtime and that means tree pollen allergies. Seasonal allergies are characterized by itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, post nasal drip, and nasal congestion/stuffiness. Two major signs of COVID-19 that are NOT consistent with allergies are fever and dry cough. Seasonal allergies can have […]

Beauty: More Relevant Than Ever

Amid stressful times, the simple act of surrounding oneself in beauty can do wonders. Just having fresh flowers in the home has been shown in research to boost mood and even accelerate healing. So it follows that seeing our best selves reflected back in the mirror is just as important amid a global crisis as […]

Before & After: Facelift Self-Care Edition

Before & After: Facelift Self-Care Edition You’ve decided on a facelift, and you’re already envisioning those gratifying results photos. But before we review your cosmetic before-and-afters, we’ll need to discuss key care concerns, before and after surgery. Here are a few points I always make with patients to help them make their routines facelift-ready. Give […]

Notes from a Makeup Artist: The Light Touch

Notes from a Makeup Artist: The Light Touch Miriam Robstad has applied makeup for celebrities and models who appear in the pages of top fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle. So she speaks from experience when she confirms the number-one mistake women make when making up a maturing face: “Some women seem to think that […]